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Land of Legends Theme Park

Water slides, roller-coasters, mystical castle, pool with surfing waves, restaurants, shopping mall, aquariums, dolfin show... and all kinds of fun you ever could imagine are waiting for you here!

1. Note: Very good deals on their website; group tickets and season packages has very good price!

2. Note: Entrance to the shopping avenue with all the shops, restaurants and cafes is FOR FREE. Evening fountain and masquerade show also for free.

3. Note: Inside all the shops and cafes has normal prices, standard for all Turkey.

Belek Beach Park

Belek Beach Park is a great place to spend the day in Belek. Public beach area equipped with the tents, sunbeds, changing rooms, showers and toilets. There are several cafes and restaurants on the territory of the park complex, including an excellent fish restaurant Balik Eve and a restaurant serving Turkish cuisine Ocakbasi. As well as the center of karting and golf training center.


One of the most popular attractions in our region is rafting. It is great in the Summer to chill down a little from the heat. It is great in the off-season as well, because the river flows with the maximum speed. Have fun with your team. Make new friends from all over the world. Eat delicious river trout rolled in the wine leaves and grilled on the open fire. Get some adrenaline!

Dali Sport and Wellness Center

Keep yourself healthy and shine. Spaciuos and comfortable weight lifting area, cardio zone, dance studio, fight club, sauna, hamam - all at your service from 9 am till 2 am (!!!). Refresh yourself by the professional massage and peeling. 

Belis Zoo and Horse Riding in Belek

You can spend here nice time with your kids. This Zoo placed in the pine forest, so it is always shadow here. Fun animals, clean park area, beautiful horses and ponies. Very reasonable prices for the horse riding lessons.

Blue cruise.

Start your cruise from the harbour of the Antalya Old Town and groove into Paradise! All that crystal clear waters, green mountains of the costline, coves and bays, legendary beaches, stunningly beautiful towns, the ancient cities... Sunsets and sunrises...


Expirience diving with the turtles in Belek. Dive in the caves of Kemer. Or visit an underwater museum in Side. 

Koprucay kanyon

Many people coming here for the rafting. But most of them doesn't know the hidden Paradises of Koprucay kanyon. You can swim in the natural pools filled with ice cold water. You may spend here a day or stay over night. Do the camping or hire a bungalow. Perfect place to spend the day with the fun company.

Olympos Teleferik

Here the Summer switched to the Winter in 10 minutes of travel to the top of the mountain.

Ucansu Waterfall

The easiest way to come here is by the jeep with the daily safari tours. Fishing, swimming in the mountain pool, have massage by the falling water. One of the best place to spend hot summer days.

Shopping in Antalya

Shop for your favorite Turkish and International brands in one of the malls of Antalya. Or visit all of them! Don't forget to ask for the tax reduction!

Closest malls:

  • Mall of Antalya and Deepo Outlet - 25 minutes driving

  • Terracity - 30 minutes driving

  • Markantalya - 35 minutes driving

  • Agora - 25 minutes driving

Antalya Aquarium and Snow World

After touring the 40 thematic aquariums, you will come across the biggest tunnel aquarium of the world with a length of 131 meters and a width of 3 meters. An indoor snow venue where you can have fun with real snow generated during the night, all across the year.

Mind that Aquarium located next to the biggest mall of Antalya Migros 5M and Miniature Park.

Tarzaan Road Parcour, Paintball and Picknick at Anadolu Park

Ropes parcours has several different levels of difficulty, include a Project COPE  (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) parcour, used by the Boy Scouts of America. There are kids friendly low level routs as well. 

Great pine forest paintball area.

Piknik pine forest area with restaurant service, children playground and different fun activities.

Waterfalls of Antalya

Kurshunlu waterfall, Upper and Lower Duden waterfalls are so beautiful and so different. Contact us to arrange the tour to visit them all.

Anatolian Fire Dance Show at Aspendos

Experience the meeting of civilizations through dance! Watch the legendary Fire of Anatolia dance group at the superb Aspendos Arena in Belek. See 120 dancers perform a work that goes to the heart of Turkish culture and features one of the fastest dances in the world.

Aspendos Antic City

The legendary aqueduct and amphitheatre built in the competition for the heart of princess Balqis. Impressive constructions, totally "must see" of our region!

Sillyon Antic City

The ruins of Sillyon located atop a rocky plateau has a constructions left from the HellenisticRomanByzantine and partly Seljuk eras. Like city gates, a stadium, an amphitheatre and an odeon(some of which have tumbled because of a landslide), a temple, a cistern and a gymnasium

Side City

One of the most important seaports of the old ages. For some time horrifying city with the largest Mediterranean slave market. Then a nest of pirates. Now days it is one of the loveliest towns you'll ever see. Place where ancient ruins are blended with medieval houses and modern constructions. And all this in perfect harmony.

Antalya Kaleici City Center

The true pearl of Antalya! Antalya old town Kaleici has its name from two words: "kale" - castle wall and "ici" - inside. Indeed it is a Heaven on Earth surrounded with the huge castle wall.

Go-Cart at Belek Beach Park

Fun for everyone. Go-cart by the sea.

Karain Cave

Karain is a prehistoric cave, situated at a height of about 370 m from the sea and about 80 m up the slope, where the Western Taurus calcareous zone borders on the travertine plain. Evidence of human habitation dating back to the early Paleolithic age (150,000-200,000) years has been discovered in the caves, including a fragment of a Neanderthal skull.

Zeitintas Cave

Zeytin Tash cave near the Serik town has amazing underground landscape with stunning natural formulations of stalagmites and stalactites. The name of the cave is translated from Turkish as olive stone. The finest in the world of stalactites are "growing"  in that cave. They, like icicles in the spring day, hanging from the cave arches, forming a lace fringe. Their length reaches up to half a meter. The walls of the cave are covered with excrescences, shimmering crystals and protrusions shaped like columns of ancient temples. Small lake with incredibly clear waters reflect the fantastic splendor of vaults.

St Nicholas Treasures and Cruise to Sunken Kekova Island

Pray and make a wish in the hometown of the Real Santa.

Cappadokia tour

Cappadocia is truly unique place. Amazing landscapes, hot balloon rides, underground ancient cities which goes up to 25 levels down, churches which was built in the time of apostles (legend says that some icons are real Virgin Mary portraits), cave hotels, horse riding, walking tracks and many things else which you have to experience at least once in your life.

Pamukkale tour

Snow white travertines, ruins of ancient city Hierapolis, Cleopatra pool with hottermal water, healing hot springs of Karahayit... you will definitely love it!

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