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When you enter in Belek, on the right you will see a green golf courses surrounded by pine forest. On the left in the distance can be seen peaks of the Taurus Mountains. And Belek itself is a small, cozy town. It is covered with fragrant flowers of all colors. Snow-white fountains adorn the city in the daytime.

At nightfall the city lights up with the shops and stores windows, colored garlands,  giant glowing flowers, shimmering fountains lights. This is a Fairytale.


Due to the unique climate Belek has up to 300 sunny days per year. Which means that touristic season is year-round open. And of course it makes Belek international center of golf and outdoor sports.


How else can you entertain yourself in Belek? Well it is located in the middle of historical places "must see" and by the sandy beaches awarded with Blue Flags (the guarantee of clean and safe water).

Besides great ecology and rich history it is very fast developing region. New roads, hotels, net supermarkets, restaurants and so on opens yearly and attracts more and more investors. 

And all this just in 25-30 minutes from the international airport of Antalya and only 40 minutes to Antalya city center.

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