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What is Belek?

January 4, 2017

When you're getting into Belek, on the right you see the greens of the golf courses, surrounded by pine forests. In the distance on the left you see the peaks of the Taurus mountains... And then you see Belek - a small, cozy town.

Round the year Belek is covered with the fragrant flowers of all colors and shapes. Snow-white fountains decorate the city during the day. And after dark the city lights up like a giant, crazy christmas tree. :) It's like a fairytale, you should see it!




 Due to the unique climate there are up to 300 sunny days a year in Belek. That means that the tourist season is open all 12 month. Besides Belek is international golf and other outdoor sports center. So we are not really deserted in the winter, there is always some action.


How else can you entertain yourself in Belek? Belek is located in the center of historical places that simply must be seen.


 And don't forget our sandy beaches awarded by Blue Flag (the guarantee of clean and safe water)! 


In addition to the excellent environment and rich history, it is a very fast developing region. New roads, hotels, chain supermarkets, restaurants, theme parks, and so on, appearing annually and attracting more and more investors.


And all of this just in 25-30 minute drive from Antalya International Airport and in 40 minutes from Antalya city center.


We love Belek and we welcome you here!