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From Belek to Kaleici - Antalya old city.

January 6, 2017

Antalya old city is the heart of our region. The place you have to see. Narrow streets, lovely shops, deliciuose food and a boat tour are waiting for you.


How to go there from Belek?


If you have a car, the road will take about 40-45 minutes. Just follow the signs. Comfortable parking nearby coordinates: 36.885952, 30.710397 (5-6 Turkish Liras)


But also it is very easy to reach Antalya old city by bus. It will cost you 20-25 Turkish Liras per person to go and come back. You take a bus from one of the busstops on the main street. The most popular busstop is next to main gates and WLC Waikkiki shop. Busses are going once per hour.


 And you're going to the last stop "Antalya Meydan". There you will switch to the modern air conditioned trolleybus with the electronic tablo. Old town Kaleici is on the 4 stop. And here you are!


Please mind that the return bus to Belek departs every hour from Antalya Meydan square. And the trolleybus takes about 15 minutes from Kaleici to Meydan and going each 5-7 minutes.


What to do and what to eat in Kaleici in our upcoming posts ;)







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