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The Residence of the Pomegranate nymph - Side.

January 20, 2017


While walking along the picturesque ruins of the ancient city and medieval streets of Side, inhaling the scents of flowers and enjoying the peace, now days it is difficult to imagine that once Side was not such a fun place. Precisely, it was fun place, but not for everyone at all...

In 30 km from Belek.


It is known that the Greek colony in Side appeared in the VII century BC. There was a cult of young revered goddess of the hunt and fertility Artemis, or as she was called here - nymph Side. (In the ancient Anatolian dialect "Side" means "Pomegranate", and pomegranate was one of Artemis' symbols.) And also her twin brother - the radiant god Apollo. His temple you see on the left - kind of visit card of Side.

Built on a peninsula, Side was the most important and biggest port of Pamphylia. When Alexander the Great came in 334 BC, and the inhabitants of the city had surrendered without any resistance.

And then it began: the Ptolemies, Seleucids ... But the worst thing started when in I century BC pirates from Cilicia seized the city, and turned Side into naval shipyard and a center of the slave trade.

Slave market was behind these gates and held the whole street. The largest slave market in the whole Mediterranean.


Notice that each store had a back room. Kind of a shopping mall!

And at the end of the street there was a huge fountain - Nymphaeum.


You are coming closer and see the tree floor "building" of the fountain. They have brought river by an aqueduct to the Nymphaeum and built a waterfall with the artificial lake and statues gallery.

Now you can see the statues in the Side's museum.

In 67 BC the Roman general Pompey cracked down the pirates, and more than eight centuries the city grew and developed. But in VIII century Arabs completely burned down the city and destroyed it. As a result of the Arab invasion and robbery the magnificent city was emptied, and its inhabitants moved to Antalya. Now it is lovely resort town. And you may enjoy to have a look on what has left from the ancient glory.

The Temple of Artemis and the forum.

City Hospital.




















Amphitheater. By the way this amphitheater had the perfect acoustics. Moreover, the scene was tiered and allowed to arrange gladiatorial fights, fights with wild animals, but the most interesting, it could be filled with water for the boat fights shows.


Also you may have a look at the museum of course and find more identified and unidentified ancient constructions, streets and stone ornaments.


Next time I will tell you about medieval and modern parts of Side. Stay with us. 


PS How do you like this "lockal"?  :)



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