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Turkish handmade Kilim carpets.

January 25, 2017

 Kilim is a flat woven bilateral handmade carpet. 

The history of kilims has its roots in ancient Persia (now Iran). It is known that the first woven oriental carpet was produced about 2500 years ago. In Turkish "kilim" means "roughly made blanket". And it is looks like one.

Since ancient times people have wove kilims mainly for their own needs, this why kilim patterns reflect the way of life, traditions, events and religion of ordinary people.



The ornament of kilim tells about it's weaver everything: where this person from, what is his believes, all about his family and even about all of his wishes.

For example. Kilim could be woven by the villager girl who dreams of a successful marriage in the autumn. Or it could be present from wife to her husband, he is shepherd so it spelled to protect him from wolves and scorpions. Wishes good harvest and fortune, protection from the evil eye and other troubles...

There is great book about kilims written by Alastair Hull, Jose Luczyc Wyhowska, Nicolas Barnard Kilim, "The Complete Guide: History, Pattern, Technique, Identification". All what you want to know about kilims is there. I will not torture you with details :)


Manufacturing technology has not changed much since ancient times.


Let's have a look a bit closer.



Kilims are very eco friendly. It is made of goat and sheep wool and colored with the herbal paints.



The range of colors used in kilims.



So if you want to bring a nice present to your dearest from Turkey pay attention to kilims. They are beautiful, they are warm, they are natural and they are bringing good luck.

We have some nice carpet shops here in Belek. Have a good shopping.





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