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The road to Olympos.

January 30, 2017

One of the long cable road in the World leads to the top of the highest mountain in Europe - Lycian Olympus (In Turkish - Tahtalı mountain). 

Highest point: 2366 m.

Length: 4350 m.


You'll start to understand the choice of the Gods from the first step on the down platform's base station. It is located on the 726 m above the sea level and has stunning view to the sea and cost line covered by pine forest. You may take a cup of coffee or tea in the famous "Shakespeare bistro" and wait your cabin.

And, of course, in ancient times the mountain (lika all the highest mountains :)) )was called Olympos - The Home of The Gods. Now you can join the Gods by taking a cable cabin ride (which can carry up to 80 persons), the road takes 10 minutes.




The cabin will take you above the forest of red pine trees, then above the forest of blue spruce trees, then above the snow-covered rocks. Eventually you will find yourself at the station of the top platform.


Indoor: "Shakespeare Bistro", toilets, gift shop.


Outdoor: Snow slide, deck chairs, a viewing platform.


On the roof: a lot of snow. :)












Sometimes you may catch a cloud around the platform, then all you can see is milky-white... everything is milky-white actually.


 But mainly view is this:


Ticket fees:

Adult 25 Euro

Kids half price

Kids 0-6 for free 


You may combine your tour to Olympos with Antalya-Kemer feribot (Deniz Otobüsleri) tour from the Old Town Kaleici.

Also you may visit the ruins of the ancient city Phaselis which lie at the foot of Tahtalı mountain.

For more information you can visit their website: 



Have fun! And stay with us for the new adventures ;)



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