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Turkish rock - rocks!

February 8, 2017

Before I become more familiar with Turkey, all my knowledge of Turkish music were limited to song of Tarkan. But it turned out that Turkey is not only Tarkan, and Tarkan it's not just "Oy, Mama, shykydym".


Here there is a very interesting good quality rock music, in which sometimes you may hear intricately blended oriental sounds.


Curiously enough that strict Ankara is considered to be a "nest" of Turkish rock, but not a sprightly Istanbul. You can see noisy companies of friends of all ages drinking beer in countless bars of Tunali, enjoing the music and singing along to their favorite songs. But Antalya is not far behind. We're going to the old city of Kaleici to the rock bars for the same fun! :)


I would like to introduce you some very good rock groups.


Number 1: Duman He IS number one in rock in Turkey. Most beloved group, most 

sharp lyrics, full of soul songs.

One of the most known songs "Senden Daha Guzel"  ("There is no one more beautiful than you"). The group leader Kaan Tangöze with anguish sings that there is no one more beautiful and special than his beloved around the world. Very strong song.

My favorite from Duman is "İçerim Ben Bu Akşam" ("I'm drinking tonight "). This song is about how a person feels coming to a good friend's party. When there is no fears, no enemies, only the joy of being and having fun with friends. It very well describes the atmosphere of Turkish gatherings:

"Meeting with friends like an every day a party,
I just gonna live for one day,
I'm beloved and I have my loved ones,
So for this I'm drinking tonight ... "


 A similar call we hear from Yüksek Sadakat but for another reason.


Number 2: Yüksek Sadakat


Song "Haydi gel icelim" ("Come let's have a drink"). Everyone knows: The alcohol doesn't solve any problems... but then again neither does milk. Turkish people knows it very well too. :)

"Today, if you are tired,

If you looked for her everywhere

But still couldn’t find her,

If she forgot you but you could't forget her...

Come on! Come! Come and let’s drink!"


 Song "Ben seni arayamam" ("I'm not going to call you"). Passionate struggling song.

"Look what's left of me
A little bit of ash and little bit of smoke
Doesn't matter how much I want to
I'm not going call you..."



Number 3: Athena


Yoho! Athena is compleately different story. This is s (ska)punk-rock band. They are crazy! Literally! They had represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 with a song "For real". Have you watch it?




 People in bars are freaking out with the tune of "Arsiz Gönül" ( "Shameless Heart"), You'll better see it yourself... with a cheerful company... with some beer :))) 

"I have so much lying,
That even my lie
Singing a song with me ... " ))


Number 4: Teoman


Wonderful soft rock. Lead vocal by Teoman Fadl Yakupoglu writes beautiful songs about romance, love, wind, flowers and other sentimental things.

My favorite song is "Kupa Kızı ve Sinek Valesi" (Queen of Hearts and Jack of clubs), watch the video, everything is according to the text.



Other Turkish groups playing rock: Çilekeş, Gripin, Grup Yorum, MaNga, Mor ve Ötesi, Redd, Zakkum.

The Best Rock in the city is in Tudors Arena (the picture link) but not in the promoted Jolie Joker. Besides Tudors is three times cheaper than "JJ" and ten times more fun. ;) 



Have fun! And remember Turkey has huge bunch of surprises and hidden treasures for you. ;)

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