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Three shocking Turkish dishes.

February 14, 2017

This publication contains content not recommended for very sensitive persons. For the adventurous: WELCOME!


What do you see on this picture? Doner kebab, right. What? Two kinds: vertical style and horizontal style? Well... sorry to disappoint you but there is no horizontal doner here, it is kokoreç (pronounced "kokoretch"). This dish is made up of offal wrapped in goat's guts. It is very delicious! Really!

You may order it "Istanbul" style: pieces of meat on the plate garnished with the fresh veggies. Or to get take away as cheyrek - a quarter of the white bread loaf, stuffed with meat or yarim - the same thing but with a half loaf.


Not wild enough? Let's move to the next item ;)



Ordinary soup? No way! Not in Turkey :) This is işkembe çorbası (pronounced "ishkembe chorbasy") - soup made of stomachs. Should be eaten with the dash of vinegar, pinch of the flakes of dried red hot chili and a good splash of the boiling fresh butter. 


And the last but not least... kelle!


Looks peaceful, right? Are you curious, how it looks like before it gets to the plate?

Move down!


Ta-da-da! Cooked sheep's head!



Me personally can assure you that all that three dishes are delicious, safe to eat and something you have to try!

Have fun! And big hello from the Sunny Turkey!


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