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Rebellious Silyon: the fortress city.

February 16, 2017

Once upon a time, Silyon was one of the greatest cities of Lycia and Pamphylia. The city is known in the history as a city that Alexander the Great couldn't conquer. No wonder! This city was located on the high plateau, surrounded with the few fortress walls and it was inhabited by strong and rebellious people.

When the troops of Alexander surrounded the Silyon mountain and came close to the castle walls, the locals had lit the bonfires under the huge vats and started to heat up the oil and resin.

As you've guessed, none of the soldiers could climb up the wall. So Alexander had to leave with nothing. From other point... Anyway all the land around were Roman Empire, so Sillyon was kind of integrated in it. :))



Nowadays Silyon is a nice tourist spot. It is worth coming for the whole day. You will have an excellent test - a hike to the top of the plateau to the Medieval castle. You will find a lot of traces of ex glory. Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes!


There is a small settlement located at the foot of the mountain. Now there are several modern country houses, but still you can find some cute old stone houses. Now they are used as barns. But it is interesting how people were fitting in it? It is so tiny!

 Let's have a look a bit clother :)


You'd better take with you an empty bottle. There is an ancient fountain with a spring water. Drinkable! And you will need a water.



You will pass through the city gates. These gates are famous for the fact that a well-preserved inscriptions were found on it. This was the main source for the study of the regional language, and a local dialect, of course.



You'll see the walls of Seljuk period Fortress with 10 arched windows, Odeon, Bishop's Palace, Theatre, Necropolis, Seljuk period Mosque, the base of the stadiumhouse, streets, walls of city houses and towers of the Hellenistic period. And Medieval castle at the very top. 


  Beware, watch your steps, there are a lot of wells! Almost each house had a well. 


Interesting fact, that many of the buildings were destroyed by the landslide from the earthquake just in 1969, and before that, almost all the houses were in good condition. Rebellious city remained rebellious to the end.



And the most important thing! From the top of Silyon you can observe a breathtaking view of the valley, the sea in the distance and the peaks of the Taurus. And inhale incredible air... 


 ... and make a stunning pictures. ;)


And if you need a company to climb up the Silyon, I know one person in TPC office who will be glad to join you :)))))


If you are lucky, you will see the mountain goats jumps over a precipice. Incredible! I've no photo of it, you have to go and watch it yourself.


Address: Silyon. 07500 Yanköy/Serik/Antalya, Türkiye

15 km from Belek. You can actually see Silyon in the distance from Belek. Very close and very interesting. Enjoy.