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Uçansu Şelalesi. Watefall "Flying Water".

February 22, 2017

 Summer is on the way. Put a visit to Uçansu waterfall in your "to do list". 

It's located in 54 km from Serik next to the village Akçapınar. You can go there with tour (you can buy in in any agency here) or by car by yourself.


And (!!!) there is surprise, there are two waterfals Upeer Uçansu and Lower Uçansu.


Upper Uçansu waterfall is poured from 70 m, Lower Uçansu waterfall is 51.5 m.

I saw Lower one but never had a chance to go to Upper one. And it's located just 800 meters to the east. So I'm putting it to my "to do list" too :)


And also you may visit ancient ruins of Pednelissos. Which I've never saw too, yet it is in the immediate vicinity from the waterfall, near the village Kozan. 
The waterfalls are located on St. Paul's Way, the longest walking route in Turkey.


Both waterfall of falling into the huge boilers. Upper has 20 meters boiler and have a triangular shape, Lower has a boiler of 18x10 m, and 4m depth.


So I'll tell you about the Lower one, since I've been there. :)

Most popular Lower Uçansu Waterfall hosting daily tours round year. Except the days of rain and flood because the ground is mainly limestone and roads might be unstable.  


Don't forget your bikinis in the Summer. You can change your clothes in the vigvams behind the restaurant. And of course do not forget your fishing rods! The river is full of trout

The water in the boiler is always cool, so pay attention to the hot tea, which you can pour yourself next to the vigvams.


The restaurant of Ucansu has large wooden benches and tables where you can leave your belongings and have rest and snacks.


The food there is just super-delicious! Up to your choice: fish or chicken cooked in a draw-heavy furnace in traditional Turkish clayware called guvech. Served with fresh salad and bulgur.


There are lots of freshwater turtles. You can see how deftly they swim in the crystal clear water.


At the hot time you may have a nice massage by the falling water. Interesting that falling water is warm but boiler's water is cool. And there is a place to stand right by the wall.


That is all for now. I will update you as soon as I will reach the rest of the mentioned places. :)

Till new adventures.


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