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Manisa Mesir Macunu - Sweet Potion of Life.

February 27, 2017

It happend in XVI century in Manisa city... One day the wife of Ottoman sultan Selim Yavuz (the mother of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent) Hafsa Sultan got ill. None of the known at that time medicines could help her recover. Desperate Sultan Suleiman called on the head of a madrasa of Jama Sultan mosque - Merkez Eferndi, who was the well-known healer, and ordered to prepare some new therapeutic drug to the mother immediately. 



The medicine was made over night, it was a set of herbs and spices. I highly suspect that poor guy in panic just put all the existed ingridients in the pot and boiled it. But luckily Hafsa Sultan quickly went on the mend.


The mother of the Sultan were so pleased by invention of this therapeutic composition with its excellent taste and aroma, that she ordered to provide these soft candies to all ailing in the palace. 


And once a year (21 of March) to distribute them to all the congregation of the mosque Jama Sultan. This magic potion of Merkez Efendi was named "Mesir madzhunu" (tr. Mesir macunu). Since then, over the centuries, from year to year, in the Turkish city of Manisa, in the same mosque Jama Sultan this tradition has maintained. And each 21 of March everyone enjoys a free treat of those same colored spicy Ottoman toffees in colorful wrappers.

How could anyone ever created such a set of the ingredients if not by panic? :) Think yourself! 41 herbs and spices:


Cinnamon, black pepper, allspice, clove, black cumin, mustard seed, anise, coriander, ginger, cinnamon flower, turmeric, coconut, fennel, cubeb, senna, vanilla, cardamom, saffron, cumin, galanga, pine gum, licorice extract, licorice root, lemon peel, orange peel, dried orange blossom, india blossom, java pepper, lemon's salt, mastic, dirhaphyllum, yellow myrobalan, cassia, black myrobalan, alpina officinarum root, chebulic myrobalan, buckthorn, chinese cinnamon, muskroot, woad, rhubarb.


Healing effect to the human body:

  • it stimulates the digestive system due to the content of special varieties of honey, carefully selected spices and herbal extracts;

  • positively affects the metabolism and helps with gastro-diseases;

  • it strengthening the spiritual health of the person and has a relaxing effect;

  • promotes better blood circulation, increases appetite and regulates hormones;

  • has a positive effect in diseases such as bronchitis and asthma;

  • for both men and women this candies are effective in problems with potency, it is strong aphrodisiac.

Now you can find this potion as a toffees, but also you may have is as a tea! Great for the cold days!


Or even better! You may grab a box of the super-duper delicious Manisa Turkish delight (lokum). It is food of Heaven! You can have it even chocolate covered... :)



 We are getting it from this site: http://www.maccun.com/ 


Also you may meet a street vendor with mersin macunu in the pot. It is a lovely colorful toffees with different flavors like orange, strawberry, kiwi, blueberry and so on. 



More legends to be told! Bye for now and don't forget to subscribe to not miss a thing.


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