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"River with bridge" - Köprüçay.

March 3, 2017

The narrow and deep canyons of Istarta gave a birth to a beautiful river with poetic name Eurymedon. Now it called Köprüçay - "River with bridge".


Interesting that there are two ancient bridges on the river. But the most famous one, the one which gave a name to the river and canyon is Oluk bridge. It was very important bridge because it was connecting great ancient cities Selge and Pednelissos of Pisidia and Aspendos and Side of Pamphylia. Literally it was connection of two civilizations.


Down the river there is another bridge that was meant to connect Aspendos and Side cities: Belkıs (Köprüçay) bridge. It has seven arches, the largest of which is 17 m high. It was built by the Romans in the 4th century and was able to survive to the present days.


Stream of Köprüçay river flows from the Taurus Mountains to the area near Serik and goes right into the sea behind Bogazkent. 


The river is fed with karst resources. That make it always full and suitable for rafting round a year.


Çayın Canyon Valley, which lies between Bolasan village and Beşkonak town, has been declared as Köprülü Canyon National Park and host good amount of picnic, fishing and camping areas.



You can stay overnight in a tent by the river.The camping area has everything you need for comfortable staying: sites for tents...



...car parking, toilets and shower cabins at the backyard...



... cabins with the curtains, pillows and tables for the day rest...



... natural pools with ice cold mountain water...


... there are restaurants and nargile cafes...





Very famous dish of this area - trout baked on the open fire in the vine leaves.

Usually served with large portion of fresh salad, spicy tomato mix and yogurt...

...and minimum 2 bread loaves! Turkish people consume incredible amount of white bread.


And the purple thing that you see on the plate next to the fish is a salad of red cabbage. Also very popular garnish in the local restaurants. Especially it is served as a side dish in the small restaurants which has limited and very specified menu called "lokanta"s.








 Some of the places has waterslides.



Many of them will offer you great breakfasts with local cheeses, jams, honey and vegetables. Look how they keep cheese from the summer heat. :) Which is another one prove that water is really cold. And yet some people use a water slide!



Kids have a great fun by feeding the ducks.



Beautiful waterfalls are pleasure for your eyes and ears ( Beside refrigerator function :) ) 




As you see, here you can spend all the day by rafting, fishing, swimming, sunbathing, hiking and so on and so on.


The coordinates for GPS 37.1893506,31.1826766,291


Please mind that one side of the river is mainly for rafting and another has all this natural pools and waterfalls. But delicious fish and lots of fun are on the both sides.


Have fun and discover this country with us :)


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