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Saturday's bazaar market in Belek. Food.

March 23, 2017

Once a week our lovely town hosts a market. Each Saturday half of Belek turning into the action point. There you can buy anything you'd need from the clothes and house supplies to freshest fruits, vegetables and fish.

The best way to find the bazaar it to find the mosque. It goes from the mosque to the right to home textile, kitchen tools and so on to food part. If you go straight, it is all about bags, clothes, accessorize, Sun glasses. It will lead you right to the Sun Set restaurant in the end.



If you stay long or even has a house here, you'd better buy a market carriage.

Believe me, you will need it. Because we have a season of bananas, oranges and strawberries all year round. Because we have great watermelons all summer. Because we have super delicious vegetables... and all is in innormous amounts. :)

Guess where can you buy it - at the market of course! :) 


Please note that the symbol of Antalya is orange, so the second thing to buy is a juicer. Here you will need it all 365 days.




At some points you can buy some olives, honey and cheese...


Some of the cheeses looks a bit scary :)
This is Tulum peyniri ("cheese in the jumpsuit") - salty goat cheese.




Also you can have nice snack at the market - traditional Turkish flat bread named Gozleme. You can have it with cottage cheese, spinach or potatoes. Last couple of years it became fancy to make sweet Gozleme.


Interesting fact: direct translation of Gözleme is "eyed bread". People says it is because when you bake it on the pan "saç tava" (like upside down wok) it became covered with black dots, looks like Turkish brown eyes. :)








And a bit of the dry fruits to polish the deal. :)


Not sweet enough or not enough authentic? Then go for a Turkish delight, it is always a great choice. 


It is thursday today, so let's meet at the market after tomorrow.

Have a great time in Belek.


Next time I will tell you about our "closes and accessories" part of bazaar. Don't miss it.


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