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Side - part 2. Medieval town.

May 18, 2017


This year the medieval part of Side was completely reconstructed. A lot of new cafes and restaurants, renovated houses, a new pavers. 


Very tasty ice cream on every corner.



Many beautiful shops with handmade goods, clothes and shoes of very good quality at very reasonable prices.



The main square of Side is adjacent to the port by one side. Therefore, all the cafes and restaurants on the square with a magnificent view of the sea and parked yachts. There are mostly fish restaurants and pizzerias. 


In general, there are very good restaurants in Side. But particularly noteworthy are two places.

The first is the boat-restaurant which always parked at the end of the pier, in front of the Apollo temple. Main dish on the boat is "Balik ekmek" - this is the fish in bread. Great alternative to fish and chips.

Second, this is a kebab shop. Here is literally the most delicious meat and chicken kebabs and the most delicious flat bread gözleme. Actually the are wrapping kebab in gözleme which makes it taste amazing! It calls MODUL KEBAB HOUSE -small place on the main street. When you'll see this guy, just go in! :)


Walk in all this small lovely streets, grab an ice-cream and go... look at all those windows...


Look at all those pretty wooden balconies...



Walk at the marina site...



And don't miss the romance of the evening in Side!





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