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Yanartaş - the mountain of Chimera's Eternal Flames.

May 29, 2017

Have you ever heard the legend about a horrible creature named Chimera?

It had 3 heads: one was lion, one was goat and third one was the snake instead of the tail and it could fly and had fire breath from each of 3 heads!


Chimera used to live in ancient Likya on the mountain and was bother locals a lot: it was eating their domestic animals, ruined kilometers of fields and gardens, crashing the houses... It was on and on until brave Prince Bellerofont on the flying hors Pegasus killed Chimera and throughout it's body to the mountains of Likya and (final touch - to be sure) he has dropped a huge stone on top of it, but the fire were still coming out of Chimera's body through the stone...


And now days we can have a look at the place where Chimera was killed. There is no grass but only ground covered with ash and eternal fire coming out of the burned stones. Turkish calls this mountain Yanartaş, which means "Flaming stone".

Let's have a look!

The stairs to the Flaming stone mountain going about a kilometer in a pine forest. Watch out. It is made of stones and some of it had polished by feet till it became slippery.


Strongly recommend you:


1. to wear comfortable shoes

2. to get a bottle of water with you

3. to wear sunscreen or long sleeves and a hat


And finally here you are. 

There is absolutely burned ground and fire flames out of stones right in the middle of the forest.


The fun part is that the heat is enough to cook some sausages or marshmallows.










Entrance fees: 6 TL from adult. Kids for free.

GPS: 36.429466,30.465192



Also there are mysterious ruins of the temple of Fire God Hephaestus.



Tips: take swimming closes with you, there is great beach of Çıralı next to the Yanartaş mountain.






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