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Maraş Dondurması - the legendary Turkish ice cream.

July 4, 2017

Turkey is a country of kebabs and baklava, this is very known fact. But I've discovered that not too many people knows that it is also a country of the great ice cream - maraş (marash) dondurması.



The appearance of this ice cream is due to the city named Marash (in recent years renamed Kahramanmarash). The first mention refers to the XVIII century. And "dondurma" in Turkish means "ice cream".




Only goat's milk is used for the preparation of marash ice cream, which is considered as more useful than cow's milk. And the gummines comes from the natural ingredient that prevents the rapid melting of ice cream in the heat - the crushed dry roots of the wild orchid called salep.



This type of ice cream contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E, calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and so on. Goat's milk contains less lactose (milk sugar) than cow's milk, so it is suitable for people with poor lactose tolerance.

An ancient legend says (Hope you wasn't expect that I will quit mentioning the ancient legends?) that the Thunderer Zeus himself was nourished by the milk of the divine goat Amalfea.





Street vendors sales this delicious gummy ice cream by performing a show. The guys in traditional clothes hitting the cow bell with their long stick for ice cream mixing to attract customers attention. They non stop mixing and pulling the ice cream to keep it's texture. The always tease their customers before handle them ice cream. Look at the video below.



Here in Antalya region we have a very interesting flever of ice cream "burnt ice cream". How does it taste? Well... Imagine that you are eating vanilla ice cream and licking coal from the campfire at the same time. You can try it yourself in "Nour" cafe in Belek. Just ask for "yanık dondurma".



Another one unusual way of serving ice cream is "dondurmalı irmik helvası" - ice cream in a warm semolina crumbles.




Have a sweet time! And don't forget to grab the camera with you if you're going for the portion of ice cream.


The price per serving is around 3-5 Turkish liras.

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