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Authentic Turkish bath - hamam. (Updated)

May 1, 2018

Scroll down for the review of Hamam in Bogazkent!


So what is hamam?

The culture of Hamam originate from the Roman period, later these procedures were adopted by the Turks, who are intensively using them until now.


There are two zones: "cold room" - which is relaxing lounge, and "hot room" - where magic is happening. :) In the middle of the hot room there is a heated marble sun lounger and several marble sinks with two taps. 




Ritual hamam: you are wrapped in a special thin towel - peshtamel and lead into a hot room. When you enter the hot room (steam room), the bathman will shower you with hot water and begin to carefully scrub your body. No one square millimeter of your body will be left without attention, the bathman will scrupulously scrape away all the particles of dead skin, even between the fingers and toes.

After all the skin of your body is scraped and cleaned, you will be soaped with natural soap and, if desired, bathman will massage your whole body. This massage may seem a little painful, but it is worthwhile to suffer: men and women working as massage therapists in Turkish baths are real experts and are famous for their life-giving, wellness and truly restorative massage. If you want to fully experience what a hamam is, just trust these masseurs and let them completely take off all the accumulated stress and fatigue.

After that - the last bath with clean water, and it's time to leave the steam room.

Wrapped into a clean towel you'll be back to the "cold room". Here you can relax, recover after all that has been experienced, drink tea or coffee and chat with the rest of the visitors of the Turkish bath-house. Relax and take a deep breath: you have just experienced a real ritual of hamam!


Hamam - the coolest of all existing types of baths and, at the same time, one of the most humid. The average temperature in the rooms of hamam rarely exceeds 35-50 ° C, but the humidity approaches absolute 100%. This "tropical" climate is very easily tolerated, allowing a person to relax and get the maximum effect from the procedures


 Many people ask me where it is better to go to a real Turkish bath. Honestly I can't recommend specific place, it depends on your personal expectations.


Safest way is to sign up to one of the hotels daily entrances. It is about 40 Euros per day per person, and you can use SPA center plus you can use pools, beach and all inclusive food and drinks.


If you are not into spending all day in hotel you may try one of the local spa - HAMAM. We have:

1. Town spa - "Ottoman Baths" in Belek,

2. "Hamam on the Beach" in Bogazkent,

3. "Katre Day Spa" on the beach in Kadriye.



You can have traditional foam massage with traditional turkish peeling ritual or one of many regular massages (sport, relax, facial etc.) with one of many oil blends filled with healing herbal essences.


But keep in mind!
If you are overheated in our summer or have a sunburn, then visiting a hamam will not be the best idea. Ask for aloe vera massage!


Now Review - my personal experience.


We went to Hamam on the Beach in Bogazkent last Sunday.  You will love it! Attentive personnel, reasonable prices, beautiful interiors, great seaview etc. They even can arrange for you transfer from Belek, if you wish!


Beautiful lady at reception will recommend you one of the programs. 

For example 1 hour program: Sauna + Steam room + Turkish Bath + Peeling and Foam massage + Full Body Oil Massage = 29 Euros.


Also you can have just massage. I had Full Body Hot Stone Mix Therapy - fantastic! My masseur lady was Thai origin girl named Pia. Really great, I can definitely recommend her. One of the nicest massages I've ever had.

Massage rooms are nice - clean, beautiful decor, muted light, relaxing music.


Beautifully designed place.


And here is the view of relax zone!


Also there are few aquariums with pedicure fishes.



They even have sea view sauna! :)



There are two types of steam rooms. One is original hamam, one is European style. Couldn't capture hamam though, there was action of kese and I didn't want to bother people.



Recommendation: tell the staffs how you prefer to be treated. They may go to hard on peeling or just pet you, so it is up to you to regulate it.


Nice selection of SPA cosmetics for sale at reception.


Overall - 9.5 points experience. -0.5 for miscalculating our total bill. But it is general problem of tourist places, so count your money carefully ;) And have a great time!