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Turkey at A Place In The Sun Olympia London 2018

May 16, 2018


A Place in the Sun Live is the official exhibition of the UK Channel 4 TV show and the largest overseas property exhibition in Europe! We're proud to say that this year our TPC Construction and Real Estate team been attending A Place In The Sun property show in UK twice: Manchester's show in March and London's show in May.


A Place in the Sun Live at Olympia London welcomed 8,501 visitors the weekend 11-13 of May which is 15% up on last year!  It was even bigger than in Manchester's show with it's 5,957 visitors. 



Thanks for everyone who visit our stand, it was really pleasure to know all of you. Most of all our client-agency relationships are turning into a friendship. So we believe that we found quite a few good friends! We will be happy to see you in Belek, guys!



Another notable moment was launching a brand new seminar session about buying property in Turkey. And guess what? We had a speaker from our team there! Mister Sam Davies held the speech at the Seminar Theatre telling about his experience of buying and owning a property in Belek (Turkey) for about 12 years.


(Left to right: Richard Way, Suleyman Akbay, Sam Davies, Ethem Berk Turkover) 


He shared his experience in making most out of purchased property - how to maintain your new holliday home and how to turn it into profitable business. Also he gave his thoughts about the region of Antalya and especially Belek.


Interestingly, not so many people were looking for property in Turkey. Unfortunately media works against up and telling people that Turkey is very dangerous country to go and so on. Some of our visitors told us their strong concerns about our president - Mister Erdogan. But while show's weekend there was killer's attack in France, if we speak about comparing safety of Europe and Turkey! And our president had visit the London and had meeting with The Queen of The Great Britain! I'm just saying.


A Place In The Sun seminar "Buying property in Turkey".


People was surprised hearing how easy and safe the process of purchasing property in Turkey is, how lovely and welcoming Turkish people are, how cheap is the life cost and how high are the standards and quality of food here. Many people were turning to our stand after the seminars surprised, asking more questions about Turkey... and they were just getting even more surprised about what they heard!



And of course another shock for the visitors were our price list. Some of them were back after they automatically grabbed the leaflet and checked the prices. As you already know, our policy is to keep providing you affordable high end product. And we are very keen to keep it that way! 


We saw what need to be done more. That it is not just about selling some properties to some people, it is about helping to grow good reputation of Turkey in general and make people know more about Antalya, about our culture, history, cuisine...


Once again, thanks to all our visitors, Thanks to Olympia London Convention Center and their team for accommodating this beautiful exhibition and Thanks for A Place In The Sun property show for inviting us and collaborating with us and make it all happen!


                                                                                Alexandra Sarioglu

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