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Last home of Virgin Mary

June 5, 2018

When Jesus was crucified, he told St. John to take care of the Virgin Mary as his own mother. Spreading the Christian word, St. John went to Asia Minor. So he took Virgin Mary with him. He placed her nearby Ephesus in the small house in the mountains. The last years of her life passed here.


The apostle John also died in Ephesus. In the VI century there was built basilica on his grave which have survived to the present day . The grave of the Holy Virgin Mary is still not found. But memory about her is alive here!



How this place was found is an interesting story. In the middle of the XIX century there was a very sick woman named Anna Katerina Emmerik. She had regular religious visions. These visions were recorded and published after the death of Emmerich in 1842 in the form of a book. In the book, in particular, it was written that the Virgin Mary settled with John not in Ephesus itself, but in 5 kilometers from the city, on the Nightingale mountain. There were already several Christian families living in caves and tents so St. John prepared a small house for Virgin Mary. The place was extremely secluded. In description were written that Ephesus and the sea were visible from the top of the mountain.


Then one nun in the French hospital in Izmir saw the Emmerich's book, with all the descriptions of location in detail. So she organized a small expedition to Nightingale Mountain on July 29, 1891. 


And indeed they've discovered the remains of a small house at the indicated place, or rather, a small church. The view of the surroundings also fully coincided with the description in the book of revelations Emmerich. Local peasants, as it turned out, had long known about the sanctity of this place and about the miracle-working spring located next to the house.


The spring is still there, and you can collect holy water from one of the five taps.

 Or make a wish, write it down and tie it on the wishes wall next to spring.

The carried out excavations showed that the remains of the Byzantine church date back to the 13th century AD, but it were built on the foundation of the 1st century AD. Also there were found: marble slabs ones used as a fireplace, coals and a grave next to the house - all 1st century AD.

It is believed that Virgin Mary have died in 48 AD, but her grave was not found, though, according to Emmerich's visions, it should be 500 meters from the house and there was someone's burial, dating to the 1 century AD. Mystery!

Anyway. The discovered coals, according to rumors, have their miracle-working properties. And Catholic Church officially recognized this place as a shrine, the house was restored and became a popular pilgrims attraction point. 



Miracles keep on happen there. Once forest fire surrounded this place but stopped itself in few hundred meters from the house. Or when ancient dry olive tree (or actually what was left of it) gave a fresh sprout...























These are all small things, but they inspire. And here is an absolutely inexpressible atmosphere. Make a wish, light candles, drink holy water and feel the child's expectation of a miracle.























Do not think that this is a purely Christian shrine! No no no. This is the place for everyone. Muslims also venerate the Virgin Mary and make a pilgrimage to her house.



And I wish you a great travel. May all your wishes come true RIGHT way! :)


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