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The travel by the river of bitter water.

June 13, 2018

Our river in Belek is called Acisu (Ajisu) - in Turkish it means "bitter water". Unfortunately I could not find any information about why the river was called bitter water. But I have a theory! Usually here drinking water is called sweet water, andit  is absolutely impossible to drink this water- just look at the color!



But there are a lots of fish in this river... and even river turtles. Fishermen are after a great catch: mullet, eels, carp, curled picarel and sea bass.


And besides the wonderful fishing, Acisu is a navigable river. You can rent a small boat at the bridge between Belek and Bogazkent for 100 euros (for the whole day).

You can rent a small boat by the bridge between Belek and Bogazkent for 100 euros (for the whole day) and have a really great time.




You can go with the flow along the five-star hotels and golf courses to the sea and sail upstream to the center of Belek.

On the way to the sea you will see beautiful lawns and exotic plants, piers and drawbridges.

And in the other direction you will have an excellent opportunity to observe the huge herons, which fly noisily clapping their wings, or hawks. Look closely at the water, you will see the heads of turtles appearing on the surface and the fish jumping out here and there in chase of insects. Beside the fauna you will see nice shores and interesting huts. and of course fishing. :)

The last point of travel is the bridge to Serik. It is forbidden to cross it.

Boat facilities: there is a toilet, a stereo system, covered sunbeds and seating area.