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My ultimate love - Cirali. Or how I spent the summer. :)

October 30, 2018


If you have never been to Cirali, you should definitely go there. This year trips to Cirali were particularly rich in adventure. First of all, I just started to drive after a long break of 7 years. Therefore this time the road to my favorite beach was especially unforgettable for me. :)


We stayed there for the weekend and lived in a wooden bungalow in Cirali in Lykia Hotel in Ulupinar.





Great place. It is on the mountain right behind Cirali and... it has very scary roads from the hotel to the main road D-400 (200 meters up) or to Ulupinar road (200 meters down). :) Thanks to the guy from reception who was bringing car up and down for me. :)

Hotel itself is very nice: wooden houses, swimming pool, delicious food, surrounded by mountains and pomegranate gardens. Very quiet place. 

By the way, if you are into fish, you may like to try one of the famous Ulupinar fish restaurants. There are several restaurant placed right on the waterfalls. The natural pools of sweet mountain waters are full of trout. So you can have it grilled, baked, fried... etc.

But our focus was down to the valley.

Crystal clear waters of Cirali are so pleasant to snorkel. I met lots of interesting sea inhabitants like sea turtle, manta ray, small rays which names I don't know, few fishes of flounder family, crabs. And all this in 20 meters from the shore.

I can spend entire day just swimming there. We load ourselves to the hut of one of the restaurants and stay there till the sunset. You can have a nap on the soft pillows or order some delicious food, there are showers and toilets as well, of course.

 And you have to see Chimera flames while you are there!


























Just to remind you:


- Summer time don't try to climb to Yanartas mountain after 9.00 or before 16.00, you will be grilled under the sun.


- Take a bottle of water with you.


- The way up is about 20 minutes.


- The heat of the fire is enough to make a barbecue (small chunks of meat or sausages would work perfectly) or to "smurf" your marshmallow.


- It gets crowded after dark and dangerous to walk back (stones are quite slippery). If you are not to adventures keep it 18.00 Go - 20.00 Back (for SUMMER).


- Winter time it is less busy and more easy to move up and down.


But even this is not all! You can get to a wonderful boat trip. You can easily book it with any street touristic agency in Cirali.


Beautiful views are waiting for you behind each corner.

You'll have 3-4 stops for swimming in beautiful bays. Simple but filling lunch is included, drinks are extra.

There are private tours as well of course. Mainly on the old style wooden gulets.

Get the snorkel kit! The water is perfectly transparent. Visibility about 30 meters (not less - belive old diver).

We had 4 stops where 2 were nearby underwater canyons and caves. So we've enjoyed underwater landscapes as well as clouds of small silver fishes which names I don't know (for my shame :) ).

And you'll be back to the ground right for the dinner!

Hope you enjoyed my small get away. Next time I will tell you where on Earth are the best cocktails. :)


PS Big thanks to Nihat Restaurant for constant quality and care (36.4039213,30.477468)

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