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Where on Earth are the best coctails? In Kalkan! (+18)

November 1, 2018

Lost Pirate is a genius blend of rum, lychee liqueur and homemade ginger syrup with fresh lime and apple juice. Rose petals on top of it are charming and spooky. :) 

We were chasing this particular cocktail after we saw it at Tripadvisor and after we capture it from each angle and thought that "OK, now we saw it all" we've opened the menu and... it is jaw dropping!


But first let me tell you about the bar. It called "Black & Gold Cocktail Lounge".

It's located in heart of Kalkan on a beautiful roof terrace with spectacular view of the bay and mountains.



The owner of the bar - Burak Kapson - call himself Mixologist, but after trying his cocktails we can definitely say that he is Alchemist!


Pay attention to the advertisement :) I did try it. 

We were hanging out in this bar for two night in a row. And frankly said I've missed it ever since I left. 

The thing about me is that normally I don't drink anything stronger than ayran. :) It happens to me very rare and in very small amounts. But there... Just have a look at those pictures :))


Mister Burak's fantasy has no limits! And it's not just about taste but a presentation is just beyond any expectations. I mean look at this rum based cocktail: cinnamon stick looks like unfinished cigar and whole sat looks like a "pirate lady just had a bad date here".


























And when you have a glass of "sunny tropical island" served on the pot full of seashells... and then barmen comes with a chest... he opens it and smoke comes out revealing a glass of "treasure of Indiana Jones". 

There was cocktails with shoe, in a toy bath, in a vase with pipes about half metre tall, with the cats staring on your drink, in horn, served like Turkish coffee... and it was just what people were drinking around me.


Back to our drinks. There is a legend that Gods in Heaven drink ambrosia. Well, if it's exists then it is definitely taste like "Mystery". I have no idea what was that but it is amazing.


























Great presentation of gin based cocktails. You have your tonic or soda aside so you can regulate the taste of your drink. 


There was a cocktail which look like a pot of soup from Chinese restaurant. And guess what? It was salty!


Absolutely unexpected combinations of ingredients so you can not wait to see what will come next. 





























And then I've remembered the advertisement and ordered "Get naughty". Just look what I've received!!! :))) My eyes rounded, I took the potion and barmen said with loud whisper: "Don't worry, it's just prosecco". :)))



























But the most interesting thing is that I had no consequences of night madness in the morning. Than means that quality of ingredients and arrangement of blands was impeccable. 

Still we went for English breakfast at Chillies, just for any case. :)


If you want to know more about Black and Gold bar, the owner or check the menu, you can visit his website:



Also you will find four videos from mister Burak: Making a Margarita, Making a Cosmopolitan, Making an Espresso Martini and Making a Mojito.


And I'll just quote our Mixologist: “Anyone can make a cocktail, but not everyone can create a unique and lasting memory”.  Well, he definitely created great memories for us.


Bar is closed for winter so you'll have to wait a little - our winter is short. :)