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Nazar Boncuğu - beads of fortune.

November 15, 2018

It seems that all the Nations at all the times had a believe, that the eyes are the "mirror of the soul" or the "door to the inner world of a person". In the Gospel of Matthew it is written: "If your eye is bad, your whole body will be a container of darkness."

From the beginning of time people used to believe that one person can take such a look at another that the other person can get sick, or even die, at least there will be all sorts of troubles with him. It is possible to put an evil eye if you envy or angry. Especially sensitive to the evil eye are babies, pregnant/lactating women and old people. Physical weakness has always been associated with spiritual weakness.

But perhaps only in Turkey you can find such an amount of amulets and charms with eyes. Here it called "Nazar boncuğu" (tr.: evil eye beads), it is always navy blue with white center and black pupil. 

Those eyes are everywhere: at the walls of houses, at home, in the shops, on the cars, as a pattern on clothes, jevelery and so on... even in the government offices and even on the sugar cubes in the govermental offices!

From the History:

In order to protect themselves from evil eye, demons, magic and to gain a courage and so on, people had begun to wear amulets. It could be a stone, a canine, a carved medallion... but in any case, this object has carried a certain symbolism and had create a connection between the owner and the magic power that it represents.

So, an eye-amulet is an eye of The God. Of course, God sees everything, but he use such “cameras"  to make it easier for himself to look after the order in the World. :)


In ancient Egyptian mythology, Gore the God of the Sun had eyes with different functions: Left "moon" eye kept people of troubles and diseases and Right "solar" eye brought them luck and wealth.

From the "Book of the Dead" it is known that ancient Egyptians were drawing the eyes everywhere and then they were performing the ritual to "open the eyes" (to turn on the cameras :) ).

The fact: most often it was the left eye of the falcon-god Gore being depicted. It was knocked out by the God of Death and rage - Seth in the fight and it was healed by the God of Wisdom and Knowledge -Toth. It was considered as a powerful amulet, it was worn by many Egyptians - both pharaohs and ordinary people.

From the ancient texts of Babylonians it is known that they also were using eye-amulets.

From the mythology of the ancient Greeks: they used to belive that there was a demon of damage and the evil eye  living in Hades. His name was Alastor. It was a scary guy. To protect themselves from Alastor people drew the eyes on the wine glasses and on the dishes for babies.


And these are just a few examples. Eyes as a charm were everywhere and in pagan times and after the advent of Christianity people had the Icons which looked after them with the eyes of God or Saints..


In Islam, however, to depict living beings is prohibited. Therefore, the Muslim invaders tried to scrape the faces and especially the eyes on the Icons. Sadly there are not too many untouched ancient Icons had left here. But interestingly, evil eyes beads never lost their popularity. May be because detached eyes doesn't count as "living being" something? :)))

I must say that the Turkish eyes looks very pretty. Especially when there are a lot of them.

Me myself have a few eyes at home. Starting from a keychain. :)

It is believed that if The eye was broken or lost, you've attacked by something evil. That means that the amulet took the harm which were meant for you and save you.

But why it is blue?The Turkish Nazar Boncugu has dark and light blue colors, as the Southern nations believe that the blue eyes (apparently because of its rarity) not the brown have a killing power.

Good for me! Turkish people always say: “Aaaah, it’s so dangerous to mess with you, you can jinx anyone!”))) High five, Colored eyed people! )))

Nazar boncugu is a great gift and souvenir from Turkey whether you believe in its magical power or not. You can choose an eye according to your taste and wallet. From 2 TL keychain to thousands TL gold jewelleries. 


Enjoy your shopping and may the evil stay away from you.

Your Alex

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