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The Legendary Shopping Avenue.

January 11, 2019

For long years the project of The Land of Legends was on hold. Everyone was guessing will it ever happen? The area was covered with banners and seemed to remain deserted forever. Until one day it was filled with machines and workers. Construction was going on day and nite and soon the doors of this marvelous place were opened for public.

The Land of Legends has three zones: Hotel, Water and fun park, and a Shopping Avenue. Today we will have a closer look at the Shopping Avenue.

The entrance to Shopping Avenue is FOR FREE.

This is so beautiful place! It has a channel between Venice gondola parking "lake" and the main fountain. 

You can take a boat ride from the main square. It supposed to be for free but the guys will show you their expectation of small reward with all their body language. :)) About 20 Turkish Lira will make them happy. :))


The boat ride is a nice thing to do in day time as well as in the evening when all lights are on.

And late in the evening this channel turns into a stage for daily shows by Franco Dragon - the Artistic Director who is well known for his work with Cirque du Soleil, Celine Dion and other world-known performers. 


You will see dancers, acrobats, boat show, dancing and burning fountains, millions of bubbles, flying wizard, and light show on the tower. 

And you definitely need to see a New Year Party Show! Decorations and Atmosphere are just stunning! There are Meet and Greet Santa, Christmas choirs, Minidisco, Live bands, Christmas bazaar, Fireworks... FANTASTIC!!! We've celebrated this New 2019 Year in The Land of Legends and I can strongly recommend you to join us there for the next year!