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The Magical Moments Keeper - Darya (Photographer in Antalya).

February 26, 2019

I met this girl in one of the Facebook groups a few years ago. She is an old friend of my old friends. So I've been watching her growth as an artist from the very beginning. Now she is included in top ten photographers of Turkey! Totally deserved.


Her name is Daria and she is originated from Moscow. She's been living in Antalya for ages, married to a nice Turkish guy and have a lovely son. She loves Turkey and absolutely adores her job. 



Most of the people surprised that the lavender field on the entrance photo is actually in Turkey, just in 3-hour driving from Antalya city. But this is the thing about Turkey - it gives you an enormous amount of beautiful corners for photo shoots. And Darya is carefully selecting the most photogenic of them all.

Miraculous photo camera of Darya captures the happiest moments: love stories, weddings, family vacations, people in their favorites places...


1. Love stories.

To have something that will remind a couple how much they are in love with each other is priceless. Darya's photos are definitely THOSE THINGS! A love story has been told on a fantastic background: sea, caves, thunder clouds... Love is the element, and Daria uses the elements of nature to tell the world about it.



2. Family portraits.

What on Earth can be more important than family? A family is an ultimate state of love. It is so lovely to follow its roots through each stage: a couple, a pregnancy... babies, kids, grandparents...

The moments of happiness will be always with you.

Kids do grow too fast. And those moments should be frozen in time.

Speaking of kids. Darya just had had the personal exhibition dedicated to premature babies, it called called 'Early Flowers', and it took place at TerraCity Shopping Center. 15 wonderful, heart touching but yet heartwarming stories with brilliant portraits. Seeing what those kids and their parents went through to where they are now... I have no words... 

 And of course, it was noticed and honored by our government and media. The opening ceremony was hosted by Mayor of Muratpaşa region of Antalya Mister Ümit Uysal and a President of Antalya's Russian Friendship&Culture Association Marina Sorokina. Also the children - the heroes of the photos came for the opening with their families.