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Where to... Sunbathe And Swim? Belek Beach :)

June 20, 2019

Daily I'm receiving a good bunch of questions from you which starts with "Where to..." So I'm opening a new tag #Where_too to collect all my answers there for your comfort and easy access :)

There are two public beaches in our area: Belek Beach and Kadriye Beach. Speaking of me personally, I prefer to go to Belek Beach. Most of the time I go there by bike or by walking, so short distance and good road are important for me. Besides, the beach of Belek is more fun, it has more reasonably priced restaurants and cafes with live music and it's more... how to say... public. When Kadriye Beach is more posh, less crowded and more expensive.


Our beach had a really tough time this winter :) Summer cafe was ruined and buried in the sand, half of the sand was carried from the cost to the sea, sun shelters have just vanished...

So, municipal workers had to bring about 20 huge cars of sand to reconstruct the coast. Then they've placed new sun shelters, changing cabins, and showers.


Sunbeds being cleaned each morning by the sunrise.


This year they've decided to not have mattresses on the sun loungers. 

But also I never have paid for the sunbed this year. It is a mystery for me if there is any charge for using it. Early in the morning and in the evening no one collecting the money. And the daytime I am working. So if anyone has the correct information, please share with us. :) 

Parking is for free all days except Sundays. But Sunday day is not the best time for the beach in Belek, it is stuffed! Use Kadriye instead. They charge 10 Liras per sunbed but in this case, it's worth it!

Summertime people start to swim at about 5.30 in the morning and keep on soaking in the sea till late at night. So if you had any concerns about your safety, well, here is an answer - it is safe and fun all day long!

Have a look at my video :) It is so nice to live in such a fun place!


And you can take a walk by the coastline, pass the luxury hotels, see their inner gardens, watch their laser shows, fireworks, listen to their discos and live performances. You can freely move on the beach, you just not allowed to enter the hotel territory. 

A couple of days ago I've been walking by the beach at 11 PM and I had great joy from the atmosphere of endless fun and from seeing super happy people around.

Have a nice time in Belek! And I will keep on informing you about how and #Where_to !!!


PS Belek Beach is located in 3.5 km from Belek city center. By bike it is 7 minutes, by walking about a half an hour. You can take a bus from any bus stop on Turizm st. It cost 1-3 Turkish Liras (depends on the driver's moods :)) ).

On the map: 36.8455596,31.0705555


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