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Caves of Alanya: Damlataş and Dim.

June 28, 2019

Alanya is a great city. Next time I will tell you more about the city itself. But today, when it is soooo hot outside, let me tell you where you can hide from the heat. 

There are few caves in Alanya region, the most famous ones are:

1. Damlataş in the city center. The cave is located in the west of the historic fortress of Alanya.

Damlataş cave was discovered in 1948. It supposed to be a mining area to get the stones for the construction of the port.


At the entrance of the cave, there is a passage 50 meters long and 15 m high, you can get into the high ceiling cylindrical "room". From here you can go down to the bottom of the cave.

The cave got its name from the stalactites, which droplets of water flow down (damla - droplet; taş - stone). The cave is famous not only for its fascinating beauty but also for its air, which has a positive effect on asthmatics. There are patients who have a prescription for a 21-day course of treatment under the supervision of a physician inside this cave. The air in the cave is the same round the year. It winter and summer the air temperature constantly stays + 22 ° C degrees, humidity 95%, constant pressure 760 mm. The components of the cave's air: 71 percent nitrogen, 20.5 oxygen, it is very low in carbon dioxide and has one percent of radioactive ionic substances.


It is a very beautiful cave, with nice air, very accessible.

You can visit the Damlataş cave every day between 09.000-19.00.

Entrance Fee: full 6 TL, student 3 TL.

On the map: 36.5418062,31.9864757


2. Dim cave

Dim Cave is located in 11 km from Alanya city center in the mountains (about 232m above sea level), on the western slope of Mount Çebel Reis, which is 1691 meters high. 

This cave has first been investigated and measured by professional speleologists in 1986. But Dim Cave was known by the villagers way before and some parts of it were used as shelter by hunters and shepherds. 

Dim Cave consists of 4 galleries with a horizontal length of 360 m and 10-15 meters in width and height. The cave is rich in stalactites, stalagmites and travertine formations. 


At the end of the cave, there is a small lake of 200 m², which is located another 17 meters below the entrance. One of the reasons for the accumulation of water here is that the bottom of the lake consists of impermeable shale. This is the second largest cave open to visitors in Turkey.


The road to this cave goes by the mountains serpentine road. If you are not a perfect driver please use the tourism agency to go there. 

The view from the area near the cave is so beautiful.

And the is a gift shop and the public toilet with the best view as well.