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Wonderfull Alanya.

July 12, 2019

The history of this city begins in the 2nd century BC. It was laid by the Greeks. For many years, it was a pirate's nest. There they were healing the wounds and having fun between raids. Back then the city was called Karakession or Kalonoros. 

In 67 BC The city was liberated from smugglers by Marc Antony. He's presented it to his beloved Cleopatra. It became a part of Byzantium and was used to harvest logs for ships. Old docks are located on the east side of the fortress.

As we all know, Queen Cleopatra was all about SPA, bath, swimming and seduction. So, of course, there are plenty of legends related to her.

The most known legend is that the Queen was missing her kingdom, so Mark Antony had to bring the best sand he could find in Egypt. The sand is white and consists of large grains of sand without small particles and dust. It almost does not heat up and does not burn your feet. The only thing, there is no consensus from where it was brought from: the Nile Valley or from Cleopatra's hometown - magnificent Alexandria.

Anyway, the beach is there and it is gorgeous. You can observe it best from the castle or from the cable road cabin. All along the beach, there are plenty of cafes, kids playgrounds, basketball fields, and tennis courts, park zones and more.

By the way, this cable road will carry you to the castle. It is a super fun trip! It goes from the beach up to the castle walls. 

All the information you can find on their website: http://alanyateleferik.com.tr/en/

Weekdays: 09:30 - 23:00

Weekend: 09:30 - 23:00

Return - 28 TL
One direction - 22 TL

The shape of the cabins allows you to observe panoramas full 360 degrees. I've never been riding it in the evening time, but I can imagine how stunning the view of Alanya is at night! When you fly above Alanya it is magical. When you fly above the lights of night Alanya... it supposed to be phenomenal!

The breathtaking viewpoints start from the Castle platform of the cable road. Some of it has the binoculars which cost 1 TL per minute.


The castle itself is a very impressive construction. It lay all over the massive rocky peninsula 250 m over the sea level, it is remains of 13th-century Seljuk fortress. It was built in 1220 by Alaeddin Keykubat after he conquered Alanya.

The length of the walls is 6,5 km! And it used to be 140 towers along the walls and around 400 cisterns in the castle.

Unfortunately, we have not much knowledge about the first fortress. Most probably it has been built by pirates in 3rd century BC. There are few caves in the basement of the peninsula which (according to the legend) were used by the pirates as parking for their ships. Nowadays the level of the water is too high, but according to the legend, it was enough space to fit quite a lot of boats.

Over the centuries the castle was replaced and improved by Byzantines and Romans. The fort walls formed three circles: inner one for the royal family, the second one was for the army and the last circle was for the ordinary people.

The castle now is an open-air museum. The entrance to the paid part is at the very top in about 15 minutes by walking following the signs “Ehmedek” from the top platform of the cable road. You will find great views of the Cleopatra Beach on the western side and the old harbor on the eastern side of the castle and interesting ruins in the castle walls.