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Lavender Scented Village

July 6, 2019

I guess I will never stop to be amazed by Turkey. Here are so many wonderful and unique places: so different, so beautiful, so inspiring. One of those places we visited yesterday. It called Lavanta Kokulu Köy (tr. Lavender Scented Village)


If you will say "lavender fields", most of the people will think of the Provence region in the south of France. But we actually have the place where you can picture yourself on the lavender fields by the warm colored sunset. A place where you can breathe the fragrance of lavender...

The village located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, about 50 km away from Isparta and the population of the village is only 250 people live.


On the map: 37.8452806,30.2591372

Before "the selfie world madness", It used to be an ordinary small village in the middle of nowhere. But actually it all began in 1975 when the Ministry of Tourism and Culture start up the program "Future in Tourism". In one of the projects, the first lavender seedlings were planted in the area of Kuyucak village (the actual name of the village which is kind of forgotten). And now this village covers 90% lavender production in Turkey.

Have a look at their production. They have natural soaps, aromatic oils, cologne, lavender Turkish delight, dry lavender sachets, creams and more.

All those lovely treats you can buy in countless shops and tents in the village. But I especially want to show you one lady who makes wonderful handmade jewelry: rings, bracelets, necklaces... I bought from her a ring and a pair of necklaces for my girlfriends.

And a special word about cafes. You can try really interesting things there like lavender Sprite (produced only in this village) and lavender ice cream and even lavender Turkish coffee. The cafe itself is very selfie-friendly, like everything in this village.


The prices are very normal:
Coffee, Sprite, Ice-cream - 5 TL each
Soap - from 5 TL

Cologne - 5-10-15 TL

Turkish delight 8.5 TL

Lavender seedlings 5 TL

And so on...

ATTENTION: If you want to buy lavender honey please look carefully on the ingredients! Besides, honey would never cost 15-20 TL. Original honey is expensive and mostly you can see it crystalized. And mostly it sells in not tagged cans because it was produced in the home apiary.

I want to show you the real deal. But there are plenty of edited pictures on the social media pages of Lavanta Kokulu Köy for your inspiration.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/keciborlulavantailekalkiniyor/